Why is Gutter Cleaning So Expensive?

Why is gutter cleaning so expensive? There are many contributing factors. One of those factors is the size of your home and the area where you live. Typical residential homes average between one and three feet of rainfall per year. In more densely populated areas, such as New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the number can be much higher. Regardless of where you live, the cost of gutter cleaning is dependent on the type of gutters you have, the size and number of leaves in the drain and the condition of the gutter system itself.

Typical Size of House: Gutter cleaning is more expensive for a house that’s about one story high and three stories wide. In a house with only a one-story and three-story roof, the same gutter cleaning costs per square foot will apply. The extra square footage increases due to the additional material – more leaves. The same goes for a two-story house.

Type of Roof: Many people decide to clean their gutters because they want to improve the aesthetics of their home. The reason it’s aesthetically important is because the roof is the first thing visitors see. Your gutter cleaning contractor should test your roof for any missing debris before they begin cleaning. Some homeowners believe this unnecessary, but you never know when a small piece of debris could break off from the roof and end up in the gutter. That small piece of debris can become a big problem later.

Type of Ladders Used: Most contractors recommend the use of an electric, extension ladder when carrying gutter cleaning equipment to the rooftop. These ladders are stable and easy to balance on, which makes them ideal to carry from rooftop to rooftop. However, extension ladders can be dangerous, especially when used improperly, which can cause a fall and serious injury.

Type of Material to be Covered: Some contractors may suggest covering your gutter cleaning equipment with plastic sheets to save yourself some money. This isn’t a good idea. If the plastic is wet, it may attract mold and mildew. Plus, there will be extra time involved removing the plastic once your gutter cleaning job is complete. The sheets will also attract dirt and debris which may cause your finished job to look sloppy.

Type of Ladder to Use: A ladder that’s too high can also reduce the efficiency of your gutter cleaning efforts. Your ladder will likely be too high if you’re climbing up a ladder inside your home. It’s better to use a ladder that’s appropriate for the exterior of your home. A 10-foot ladder may be the best choice for standard ladder installations. For larger ladders, consider using an extension ladder.

Are You Trying to Do it by Yourself? You may want to think about hiring a professional gutter cleaning contractor to come in and clean your gutters. Homeowners who feel confident enough to clean their own gutters can save money in the long run by avoiding professional cleaning. However, DIY gutter cleaning is still effective. Both methods, whether done by yourself or professionally, will prevent costly repairs down the road.

Where Else Can I Get Help? If your gutter, siding or chimney are clogged, it’s important to get help right away. You may not know where to start. A foundation expert can help determine if your foundation is compromised. Homeowners who already have a foundation problem should take the next step to hire a qualified foundation repair specialist.

How Much Does it Cost? Pricing for gutter cleaning varies depending on the type of job. Singly constructed homes tend to be more expensive because of the special tools required to install seamless gutters, which require more material. On the other hand, installing single-ply seamed gutters can cost less per job. As with all construction work, however, prices increase with the complexity of the project and longer lead times.

Will My Gutters Need to Be Remodeled? Depending on the location of the clogs, gutters may need to be replaced. Professional gutter cleaning companies use industrial-strength equipment to reach the roof, and there is no additional work required by the homeowner. Homeowners, on the other hand, will need additional cleaning, tile sawing and removal of leaves and debris. Removing tree leaves and other debris from the roof alone can be quite labour-intensive.

Is a One Story Home Better? If a home has one story versus two-story, the cost of cleaning gutters will be different. For a one-story home, the installation of gutter guards can negate the additional cost of cleaning gutters, since they prevent rainwater from entering the home through the gutter.

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